His work explores the relationship between sound, silence and action in space. He studied music in Basel, Paris and Zuerich, with a concentration in experimental music and improvisation. Kobi performs and creates with various musicians, composers and artists in context of long term partnerships with artists such as Phill Niblock, Jürg Frey, Taku Sugimoto and Keith Rowe. Since 2004 he curates the „zoom in“ festival for improvised music at the Minster of Bern. Christian Kobi teaches improvisation at the Bern University of Arts (HKB).

2004 Founder and artistic director of »zoom in«, a festival for improvised music at Berne Minster.
2006 Co-founder of the new music label «CUBUS RECORDS».

2012/13 Artistic director of Szofa Budapst (supported by Pro Helvetia)

2018 Music Prize of the Canton of Bern

When improvising solo all comes out of a person: Every detail of the sound, every turn in the flow, any adjustment in the spatial and temporal context are dominated by the person on stage. Christian Kobi pursues a prolific solo carrier alongside his many activities as a saxophonist in Konus Quartett as well as founder and curator of festivals. Through an intensive exploration of improvised music he developed highly personalized sound language.

Radio broadcast SRF culture

Interview Tokafi


Drei Allmenden . Konus Quarttett & Klaus Lang, 2021, Cubus Reords (CD)

hidden place of return - six duos, 2020, Cubus Records (triple vinyl, double CD)

CATHEDRAL - Christian Kobi, 2020, Buh Records (vinyl, CD)

ANSCHLUSSFEHLER - Tomas Korber & Konus Quartett, 2019, Cubus Records (vinyl)

INTERACTIONS - A Guide to Swiss Underground Experimental Music, 2019, Buh Records (vinyl, CD)

»ATTA !«, Christian Kobi, Taku Sugimoto, Wakana Ikeda, yoko Ikeda, 2017, MonotypeRec (vinyl,CD)

»A Second Day« Christian Müller, Christian Kobi, 2016, herbal records

»Carved Water«, Thanos Chrysakis, Christian Kobi, Christian Skjødt, Zsolt Sőrés , 2016

»COLD DUCK«, S4 John Butcher, Christian Kobi, Hans Koch, Urs Leimgruber, 2015, MonotypeRec

»Musik für ein Feld«, Tomas Korber / »Konus Quartett«, 2014,

«Raw Lines», for soprano and tenor saxophone solo, 2013, 

«CANTO», for soprano saxophone, 2010,

«Shifts», for saxophone, solo, 2007, direct distribution

«La bocca, i piedi, Il suono», Salvatore Sciarrino, «Konus Quartett», 2006,

«bain-marie», Siuv, 2006,

«Schatten» for saxophone and electric guitar, 2006, direct distribution

«Decasia», Michael Gordon, Basel Sinfonietta, 2002, Cantaloupe Music NY